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Tammy Brown is the author of Healed and Set Free... from lingering hurts. She is a happily married woman (married her high school sweet heart) and blessed mother of two.

Healed and Set Free is currently being used in 12 countries; God is changing lives around the world. Tammy has been blessed to speak across the United States, in Turkey, India and Africa. She has been featured in Calvary Chapel magazine, been heard on several radio ministries and interviewed on television.

Women who hear Tammy speak often say the same thing "I love how real she is." Tammy reveals the personal struggles she went through to overcome the exhaustion of bitterness, fear of not being enough, and out of control anger.

Listen to Tammy Brown’s message "The God Who Sees the Broken Hearted" by clicking here.

In her early childhood, Tammy learned to bury things that caused her pain -- like being sexually abused by her uncle and facing the nightmare of date rape at 15 years old. She buried it down deep into her heart. Tammy slowly turned inward as the years wore on and she became a self-destructive wife, stressed out mom and easily offended woman.

Ultimately, Tammy became healed and set free when she got real with God and faced her greatest fear. She invites everyone to do the same.

Tammy is married to Ricky Shea Brown, founder of Watersprings Church, Watersprings Christian School, and Revelation Radio Network. Tammy’s bright spot in life is her family; she loves them to pieces!


Winning the Battle in Your Mind to become Healed and Set Free.

Do not give the devil a foothold. Ephesians 4:27

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