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Thank you for your interest in having Tammy Brown at your event. It is quite an honor to be considered.

Tammy's heart is to say yes to the many invitations she receives. As our team prayerfully considers your event, please provide us with the requested information below.

Once submitted, our team will review your request and be in touch within 15 days with your next steps. One important detail to keep in mind while filling out this form is:

Tammy is very committed to attending her home church with her family on Sunday mornings; therefore we have time restraints depending on the day of the week you would like to book Tammy. Friday – Saturday events, Tammy must be able to depart your event by 1:00pm on Saturdays to head to the airport. Saturday only events – Tammy must be able to depart your event by 3pm to head to the airport. No Sunday's will be approved.

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Speaker Request Form

Please use the form below to provide details about your event
and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How long would you like Tammy to speak?
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How many times would you like Tammy Brown to speak?
How many women typically attend this event?
Will you have additional speakers? If so, who?
Will you be covering travel, hotel and food to get Tammy to your event?