9-week Bible Study
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"Healed and Set Free has been a wonderful class. I recommend it to anyone who is wanting to make a change in their life and truly be healed and set free from past hurts."
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What Readers are Saying:

The Healed and Set Free...from lingering hurts Bible study saved my marriage and changed my life in so many ways. Finding the root of bitterness and allowing God to take control and heal me from the overwhelming burdens I was carrying absolutely set me free!
- Amanda

Thank you once again for your obedience in writing "Healed and Set Free...from lingering hurts Bible study" I finished the Bible study on my own last year. I am now part of the Wiesbaden Protestant Women of the Chapel, USAG Wiesbaden Germany. We began a small Healed and Set Free Bible study group and our ladies have already been enlightened and it's only week 1! I'm blessed to be leading our Healed and Set Free Bible study group along with a Sister in Christ!
Sending you warm blessings,
- Kim

I am not married but chapter 7 in Healed and Set Free by Tammy Brown has effected me deeply in many ways. I see myself. I see my relationship with God as the most important thing so then I can have a good relationship with other people. This chapter is very useful not only for married couples but also for a single person like me and many others. I love this and I can never thank Tammy Brown and my Healed and Set Free Bible study leader enough for introducing me to this study. This is the best tool and it is life changing!!! Two thumbs up for Healed and Set Free from past hurts by Tammy Brown !!
- Wyoming Gal!

This will be my 8th Healed and Set Free Bible study group to facilitate. Praise God!

My life was radically changed and transformed 17 years ago when I surrendered my life to Christ. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to the Healed and Set Free Bible study. My mentor lead me through an intense year of spiritual awakening, healing and restoration using God's Word and this Healed and Set Free Bible study. I am so grateful to the LORD for leading Tammy Brown and for using her as an instrument of healing through her pain. For giving her courage to step forward into a life of healing. God has been so faithful to take what the enemy planned for evil and destruction and use it for His glory.

May the LORD bless you and keep you.

In His love and for His glory alone,
- Mrs. Terry

Years ago, Debbi Bryson sent me a box of the Healed and Set Free Bible study when we were missionaries in Costa Rica. It was life-changing for all of the ladies, myself included! One of the other missionaries tattooed “Healed and Set Free" on her feet because it was a turning point in her life! We are planning on doing the Healed and Set Free Bible study here at our church this summer!
- Rebecca

I have to thank you for the Healed and Set Free study. I picked it up at a women's retreat where Debbie Bryson spoke and recommended it. Wow! It has helped me to peel back some layers I didn't even know were there.

I suffered sexual abuse at a very young age and did not realize the burden I was carrying still after all these years. I just gave my testimony publicly including how the Lord used this study for the first time. I am still amazed at the number of women who came up afterwards to share their hurt and pain, and the privilege of praying with them.

God bless you in your ministry! The book is an invaluable resource.
- Anonymous

Healed and Set Free is amazing!
- Trinity

Best Bible study ever!
- Amanda

I would love to read this book, and believe it would be a huge blessing in my life as well.... Thank you for your insight on the healing it has given you, something I will definitely read this summer!
- Tabitha

This is an amazing study. So blessed I was able to do Healed and Set Free from past hurts Bible study!
- Cristie

The Healed and Set Free Bible study, definitely life changing!!!
- Dyan

Erin - Wisconsin

I completed the Healed and Set Free Bible study a couple of months ago. I took the class at my church, Harvest Time- Eau Claire, WI. My leader Kim was brave enough (with God) to offer this class. I met some amazing sisters in Christ and we all share this amazing bond that I have never shared with anyone before.

Taking this course has give me the tools that God offers us if we follow him, to live each day set free. I learned so much about myself and about God during this process.

The process of being healed and set free has been the most difficult yet rewarding thing I have EVER done. Thank you for being obedient to God and for writing this amazing book. I NEVER thought I would be able to forgive and forget and move on with my life, NEVER.

I cannot say that enough. Thanks be to God and His amazing love for us. I have been set free. He brought me out of my deep dark black hole of despair, depression, self hate, shame, anger and fear. I thank Him every day for what he has done for me. Thank you God!

My mom told me just the other day that she sees a smile on my face that she has not seen since I was in middle school. I am 28 years old. My mom completed the Healed and Set Free Bible study with me.

Dyan - Idaho

Getting ready to bless a friend with the book that changed my life and it was written by a sweet friend! Tammy Brown thank you for your heart, wisdom and allowing God to speak through you to help heal the broken hearted with your book!!

I highly recommend this study, if you suffer from a broken heart, betrayal, bitterness, anger, any past hurts!! God wants you to be set FREE from that!!

I was able to forgive the man who murdered my 22 month old baby cousin and she died in my arms as I rocked her in the ICU! Unbelievable peace was given to me through this book!

Thank you Tammy! I just know the blessing it was to me and want others to experience the freedom from satan's shackles!

Brandi - Idaho

I have really been touched by my Healed & set free class time tonight & this chapter on marriage. I used to think being submissive to your husband was wrong, but "when it comes to marriage we need to think & act biblically, not emotionally. We need a biblical world-view, because our marriage is always under attack daily from the world & the enemy!" Thank you Tammy Brown. You have given me a whole new perspective on life & marriage by giving it all to God!

Brooke- Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez - Potter's Field Ministries

Tammy and the Healed and Set Free team: Good morning! I just wanted to share an amazing praise with you all today. I had a phone conversation early this morning with a dear friend of mine who I've known for about 9 years.

I met her when she was 13. She's had one crazy life due both to many circumstances out of her control and also due to many poor choices she herself has made. She is currently living in a Christian women's shelter with her young son and is pregnant with her second child. She is 22 years old.

I sent her a copy of the Healed and Set Free Bible study about two weeks ago, praying that God will use this in her life to once and for all heal her from a lifetime of bitterness, anger and deep wounds and that she could finally find freedom in Jesus. She re-dedicated her life to Christ last weekend and just told me that she is beginning a Healed and Set Free Bible study with the ladies in the center starting this Friday!

My heart is full of joy and thanksgiving for you all and your dedication to seeing healing and freedom come to women! Thank you for your ministry! Also, I will be starting a study in February with some of the young women on staff here at Potter's Field Ranch! Praising Jesus today!
By His grace,

P:S The current update and praise report is she has continued in her walk with the Lord, now has her own home, and is raising her two boys up in the Lord!

Julie - Idaho Women's Ministry Leader

"I am currently facilitating a Healed and Set Free Bible study. I have been doing so for several years. Once I begin the study, it reminds me of the “why” I do this. The women who participate are women who long to be free. They have lived in bondage to their past hurts and pain for far too long.

I notice almost immediately the bond and the knitting together of our lives and pasts that brings about a unity. I see and feel the pain and hurt within them and my heart hurts right along with them. I see this Bible study and God’s Word begin to open up their hearts that long to be heard and reveal what’s inside. It is no accident that we all come together for this particular time. I see how God directed them to this class at this particular time. I watch as God, over the nine weeks, opens up their eyes and hearts to SEE what He wants them to see and then they begin to GIVE it to Him for healing. I watch as ladies not only FORGIVE others but they also are able to FORGIVE themselves. It is nothing short of a miracle.

There is love and compassion for these precious ladies as they desire to grow closer to Jesus. My longing is to pray and point them to Christ. I never underestimate the power of prayer because I am fortunate enough to see answers to these prayers throughout our time together. I am amazed as to what God is able to do. I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry and to be an instrument that God can use to reach so many hurting hearts. My passion is to see more women find their freedom in Christ and then remain free. Isn’t that why Jesus died for us? It is time to stand on the finished work of Jesus Christ and trust Him! His Word is powerful and alive and can heal our broken hearts.

Thank you Tammy for being obedient in writing this incredible Bible study and thank you ladies for the courage to trust God with your pain."

Cheryl - CC Minnesota Women's Ministry Leader

"The Healed and Set Free Bible study has turned out to be a wonderful blessing for all of us participating. Satan kept whispering lies in my ears. He tried to tell me that I couldn't lead other women through this study. I began praying for God's help and it was wonderful. God is doing a work in my life, as well as in the lives of the ladies in this group study. I am personally able to put pieces of my life back together that have been fragmented. All of God's principles are put together in a way that we are all able to apply to our own unique situations. We have grown in love for one another, and can't wait to meet each week to get into Healed and Set Free. God is so good and so faithful to move us forward and heal our hearts when they are crippled."

Molly Kennedy- from an Amazon Review

"This is the most valuable book on healing from hurts, Tammy Brown has truly been given a great gift from God."

R.G.- from an Amazon Review

"I had the privilege of being one of many who proofread Tammy's revised edition of Healed and Set Free. I found it's four steps timeless in that no matter our circumstances, we will always need Christ's forgiveness and we will always need Him to help us to forgive others."

N.S.- from an Amazon Review

"Are you are feeling broken, weary, bitter or hopeless? You don't have to feel this way forever. There is someone who can heal you...God. Healed and Set Free teaches you through Biblical principles how to heal and find joy. It is a simple and practical application that anyone can use, and apply to your own life. It taught me what true forgiveness is, and it freed me from the bitterness I held inside. I highly recommend reading Healed and Set Free."

Susan - from an Amazon Review

"I began this study in order to continue learning how to be set free from past emotional and physical pain. I found that even though I thought I had forgiven almost everything and given them all over to God, there was a lot more that I had buried. Asking God to help me to "see" what is still in my heart, then praying for forgiveness has lead to so much more that I needed to acknowledge in order to gain further control over my compulsive over-eating and having to be in control issues. I'm still a work in progress, but with the Lord as my guide, I'll get there !"

Christina - from an Amazon Review

"Great book for anyone who has been raped, molested, had adultery committed or have harbored any type of hurts or bitterness. Beware! It will challenge you to confront those things that you may have hoped to merely suppress. However, as one completes the study and perseveres reliving the past, one is filled with a peace and freedom that allows one to live a more productive and fruitful life not based upon the issue that has broken one's heart."

Vicki - from an Amazon Review

"As I was answering the questions in H&SF Bible Study - Jesus was ministering to my heart. I loved the suggestion to pray before each day's lesson. This study not only gave me a better understanding of God's word, but also His personal love for me. I liked that the scriptures, and where they are located in the bible, are written out in the study!! The questions encouraged me to take the TIME to really "SEE" what was in my heart and honestly talk with Jesus. The five tools: SEE, GIVE, FORGIVE, FORGET and be SET FREE are based on scripture - that made me feel safe."

Mike & Lori - from an Amazon Review

"Healed and Set Free is not just a book, it's a journey from the prison of past hurts to freedom. It's a map, a field guide, which calls for daily prayer and Bible reading. It leads readers through the difficult things in life, into the life God wants us to have.

The questions in each chapter are designed to help you confront the issues of your past and deal with them in the present. We often think we have forgiven others, when we haven't even fully recognized the impact of our wounds. This is why the first two steps in the healing process are so important: we must see the whole truth and give it all to God. Then we can truly forgive the entire issue.

Our favorite part of the book is the final tool: forget. It seems we so often forget to forget. Tammy has taken her past experiences and allowed God to use those experiences for good. Through Him, she is able to present a path out of our own bondage. The journey of reading of Healed and Set Free will not always be pleasant, but if you seek God's help, are honest with yourself, and willing to forgive, you will be set free. "

Debbie - Idaho

"As I was taking the Healed and Set Free Bible study, I was continually reminded in each chapter that I needed to see what was really going on in my heart, and get real with the hurts that still lingered. As I completed the Bible study homework each day, God began to show me that my heart had a junk drawer where I kept all my pain over the years.

"Most homes have a junk drawer: a drawer to throw in odds and ends such as screwdrivers, pencils, pens, and all the other items that don't have a home. I didn't realize that I had been keeping a junk drawer in my heart ever since my stepfather had sexually abused me at a very young age. Throughout my life, I learned to put broken trusts, painful memories and hurts that still lingered into the junk drawer of my heart.

"My heart became filled with unforgiveness, bitterness and wrongs that others had committed against me. After being a Christian for over 20 years, I was now faced with the contents of my heart's junk drawer, and I needed to clean out the drawer. Healed and Set Free gave me the tools to clean out the junk drawer of my heart. I now have a heart that has been healed and set free, and I know how to keep it that way. I lead other women through the Healed and Set Free Bible study to comfort them with God's truth and love."