HS&F in Germany
God spoke to a pastor's wife in Germany, she explained "For some time I have had the desire to help other women, but did not know how..." Watch the video to learn more or watch and share the full-size video here.
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Read Leader Reviews about Healed and Set Free Bible Study

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Pastor Don and Jean McClure Pastor Don & Jean McClure - CA

There isn't much available in the form of workbooks offering godly direction for women who have [lingering hurts]. We highly recommend Healed and Set Free, and feel that it is very much needed in today's world. Early in Don's ministry.. read more here.

Debbi Bryson Debbi Bryson, is an author and pastor's wife - CA

I took Healed and Set Free to Australia and New Zealand. Many hurting women "down under". Thank you Tammy for your faithfulness. We must leave no hostages in the enemy's clutches! God is raising up an army of... read more here.

Pastor Trip and Susan Kimball Pastor Trip & Susan Kimball - FL

We are using the Healed and Set Free book overseas in the Philippines where we care for abandoned babies and children, and abused girls/young women. We've used it since about 2003 at Rainbow Village Ministries... read more here.

Pastor’s Wife, Ohio
I wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am to lead women through the Healed and Set Free Bible Study. My husband, Pastor Kurt, and I have looked at many similar studies. This is the best... read more here.

Pastor Bob and Cathy Caldwell Pastor Bob & Cathy Caldwell - ID

We have had an ongoing Healed and Set Free class offered, and attended consistently by the women of our fellowship. We have seen hundreds of women's lives change dramatically as they have learned to apply the truth of the scriptures... read more here.

Pam Rozell Pam Rozell, is a pastor's wife - MT

We highly recommend this inspired book by Tammy Brown! If you know anyone who has been abused sexually, battled anorexia or bulimia, dealing with bitterness, marriage problems or many other issues then Healed and Set Free is a great tool... read more here.

Shannon Gallatin Shannon Gallatin, is a pastor's wife - NY

Dear Tammy, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the Healed and Set Free study and resources. Several years ago, I worked with the courts as a substance abuse counselor, then counseled... read more here.

Tim LaHaye Ministries Tim LaHaye Ministries

I highly recommend Healed and Set Free. This book has transformed the lives of many women across the nation; hearts mended, marriages restored and depression healed! Jesus is the basis of this entire book!"
Betty Swenson
- Council Member, Tim LaHaye Ministries
read more here.

Pastor Wayne and Cathy Taylor Pastor Wayne & Cathy Taylor - WA

We have known Pastor Rick and Tammy Brown many years now and have had the privilege of working alongside them and watching them both, as they minister together as a couple. Tammy exemplifies a woman healed by... read more here.

Pastor Craig & Loren Linquist Pastor Craig & Loren Linquist - Entebbe, Uganda

It is said that each and every book written reflects it's author's voice and beliefs. Such is the truth with the Healed and Set Free bible study. My husband and I have known Tammy Brown for over 20 years and her... read more here.

Lisa Merideth Lisa Merideth, is a ministry leader - PA

The Healed and Set Free Bible study by Tammy Brown was given to me many years ago by my pastor's wife at the time. God really used it to transform my life. We have used this study with teen boys, teen girls and women... read more here.