"Best Bible study ever!"
- Amanda
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From Live Free Women’s Conference - Vista, California

June 11, 2016 | Live Free from Misplaced Expectations and Healed and Set Free from Lingering Hurts

Tammy Brown was the featured speaker at the "Live Free" Women’s Conference at Calvary Chapel Vista. What a powerful day as we learned the importance of applying life changing truth to find life and freedom in Jesus Christ.
Where the SPIRIT of the LORD is, there is FREEDOM - 2 Corinthians 3:17

Live Free Women’s Conference
Tammy Brown giving a message on Living Free from Misplaced Expectations

Denise Salvato and Tammy Brown
Denise Salvato, the pastor's wife of Calvary Chapel Vista, welcomed me with so much love, and hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her.

Pastor Rob and Denise Salvato with Pastor Rick and Tammy Brown
We LOVE Pastor Rob and Denise Salvato with all our hearts. It was a special five days of getting to see God move powerfully in peoples lives and getting to hear beautiful stories of what God is doing in peoples lives. Amazing! God is good all the time!

June 14, 2016 - Pastor Rick and Tammy Brown sharing at Thrive Marriage Fellowship of Calvary Vista, California.

Pastors Rob and Rick

From the Setting the Captive Free Conference

On April 25th, 2015 Tammy spoke at the "Setting the Captive Free" conference at Calvary Chapel Upland. The speakers were:
Tammy Brown

Brittni Ruiz

Tammy's Thoughts on this Conference:

Tammy Brown and Brittni Ruiz
The Women's Conference in California was super special as we desired to see God SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. The sanctuary at Calvary Chapel Upland filled to capacity.

The Holy Spirit moved in power, and it was beautiful to witness. It was an honor to share two messages about the life we were born to live in Christ. It's a joy to share about how to apply the truth to our lives, and to be women who rise up to be all God has created us to be! To be healed and set free to be loving, courageous, forgiving, compassionate, encouraging, joyful, peaceful, whole, and fearless. It was an incredibly uplifting day and we saw everyone stand in prayer to allow God to set them free in many different areas of hurt and bondage.

“We ESCAPE like a bird from a hunter's trap, the trap is BROKEN, and we are FREE! Our help if from the LORD who make the heaven's and the earth.” (PSALMS 124:7-8).

Brittni Ruiz,shared her powerful testimony about being a former porn star and how God set her free from this destructive and empty life. Brittni is a sweet pea! I was so encouraged by this precious sister in Christ.

When my daughter Jessica and I landed in California, Jeannette, the pastor's wife of Calvary Chapel Upland, greeted us with so much love, encouragement and hospitality. Jeannette's love for Christ is contagious. To make it even more special Jessica traveled with me and ministered along side me. So much Fun! We have a lot of love for Jeannette and Randy Walls, Brittni Ruiz, Erika, and the ladies that live there. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them.
Tammy Brown, Jeannette Walls and Jessica Sprague

Tammy Brown teaching at the conference

Lunch time at the conference

Jessica Sprague and Tammy Brown

Tammy Brown and new friend

Breaktime at the conference